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Self Hosting (Railway)

Here are the steps to get a Railway instance of the dialoqbase server up and running.



Follow the steps below to get a Railway instance of the dialoqbase server up and running.

One Click Deploy

Just click on the button below to deploy the template on Railway.

Deploy on Railway

You need to provide the following environment variables:


You can skip the rest of the steps by watching the video below.

Setting up a Supabase Database

Login to your Supabase account and follow the steps below to setup the database.

1. Create a new project

Click on the New Project button to create a new project. and wait for the project to be created.

You need to remember the password you provide to the project 😁.

2. Copy the URL

Once the project is created, next step is to get the database URL.

  1. Click on the cog icon on the left sidebar.

  2. Click on the Database from project settings sidebar.

  3. Scroll down to the Connection String section and select the Node.js tab.

  4. Copy the DATABASE_URL and replace [YOUR-PASSWORD] with the password you provided to the project.

  5. Paste the DATABASE_URL in the railway environment variables.

That's it! You have successfully setup the database.

Setting up the OpenAI API Key

Just copy paste your OPENAI_API_KEY in the railway environment variables.

Launch the server

After setting up the database and the OpenAI API Key, you can now launch the server by clicking Deploy button. This may take a few minutes to deploy the server be patient.

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