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Fireworks GenAI Platform offers developers a quick, affordable way to use powerful Large Language Models (LLMs). By using open-source foundation models and their own adapters, developers can reduce costs significantly (up to 20–120x). These models are great for various tasks like creating documents and having chats. Fireworks provides easy access to top open foundation models, including LLaMA2, Mixtral, and many more.

Official Website:

Supported Models on Dialoqbase

Model NameType
Llama 2 7B ChatChat
Llama 2 13B ChatChat
Llama 2 13B Chat int8Chat
Llama 2 70B ChatChat
Llama 2 7B code instructInstruct
Llama 2 13B code instructInstruct
Llama 2 70B code instructInstruct
Mistral 7B Instruct 4KInstruct
Mixtral MoE 8x7B InstructInstruct
Qwen 72b ChatChat
Capybara 34BChat
Yi 34B 200k context windowChat


To use Fireworks models, you need to provide a Fireworks API key. Here is the pricing page:

If your account doesn't have enough credits, the API will return an error.

How to get API Key

  1. Go to and create an account.

  2. Go to and create an API key.

  3. Click on the New API Key button. Enter a name for your API key and click on the Create button.

  4. Copy your API key and paste it to the FIREWORKS_API_KEY environment variable.


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