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Google PaLM 2

The PaLM API is based on Google’s next generation model, PaLM 2, which excels at a variety of capabilities. PaLM 2 has been optimized for ease of use on key developer use cases and the ability to follow instructions with precision and nuance. It has variations that are trained for text and chat generation as well as text embeddings. This guide provides information about each variation to help you decide which is the best fit for your use case.

Official Website:

Supported Models on Dialoqbase

Model NameType


Currently, Google PaLM 2 is in whitelist mode. You can request access by filling form.

How to get API Key

  1. Go to and login with your Google account.

  2. Navigate to the page.

  3. Click Create API key in new project button.

  4. Copy your API key and paste it to the GOOGLE_API_KEY environment variable.


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